Sugar Cookie | Vanilla Butter Blend (.15 oz)

100% natural. Handmade in small batches.

Our lip balms are formulated  with moisturizing blend of oils and butters, it protects and nourish dry chapped lips and glides on smooth.

No artificial colors, fillers and preservatives added .

Sugar Cookie | Vanilla Butter Blend (.15 oz)

  • Organic raw beeswax, Organic coconut oil, Organic sweet almond oil infused with pure vanilla bean, Organic shea butter, Organic mango butter, Organic castor oil, Vitamin E oil, Cinnamon E.O

Ratings and Reviews

Swetha Chellappa


I really love the body scrub .I use it on my arms and underarms mainly. My arms feel baby soft. I don't want to finish it sooner by using it on my legs. Loved the results that I have actually ditched my body wash. So good !

Latha Kishore

My favorites are the exfoliator and the serum .Can't wait to see how my skin feels in a few days .

Nirmala Iyer

I am obsessed with the kombucha toner for it's fragrance and the freshness it gives my skin, I love to use it as a hydrating facial mist that uplifts and refreshes my sin instantly during these hot humid days .I am beyond satisfied .

Nirmala Iyer

I have used the ubtan a few times and every single time I am left with an amazing after glow...I follow it uo with the pleasant kombucha rose toner .