Neroli and  Lemon with 5 % Niacinimide | Blemish Control Toner

2 oz


 Unveil even-tone skin  with our gentle and refreshing Neroli and Lemon soothing mist!!

Infused with Neroli and lemon, this alcohol-free toner blend works together to banish blemishes, balance and smooth skin to pore perfection.

 Use as a morning spritz to start the day with a zing. Can be used under makeup as a toner, or over makeup for an afternoon pick-me-up.


Suitable for oily and combination skintypes.

Benefits:Refreshes, hydrates, lightens ,clears acne and problematic skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles to smooth skin.

Neroli and Lemon with 5 % Niacinimide | Blemish Control Toner

  • Neroli hydrosol, Lemon hydrosol, Davana hydrosol, Witch Hazel hydrosol , Glycerin, Niacinimide ( 5 %), Tamarind seed extract.

Ratings and Reviews

Swetha Chellappa


I really love the body scrub .I use it on my arms and underarms mainly. My arms feel baby soft. I don't want to finish it sooner by using it on my legs. Loved the results that I have actually ditched my body wash. So good !

Latha Kishore

My favorites are the exfoliator and the serum .Can't wait to see how my skin feels in a few days .

Nirmala Iyer

I am obsessed with the kombucha toner for it's fragrance and the freshness it gives my skin, I love to use it as a hydrating facial mist that uplifts and refreshes my sin instantly during these hot humid days .I am beyond satisfied .

Nirmala Iyer

I have used the ubtan a few times and every single time I am left with an amazing after glow...I follow it uo with the pleasant kombucha rose toner .