Adzuki, Vettiver and Turmeric | Face and Body Ubtan

3 oz


Traditionally used in Ayurvedic treatments, this invigorating body scrub made from grains, legumes and nuts combined with botanical herbs promotes healthy and fresh skin. This formula softens and smoothens the skin while effectively cleansing and exfoliating. Amongst it's many powerful ingredients are Oatmeal, Adzuki beans,  Almonds, Neem, Vetiver, and Turmeric. Regular use of this nourishing body ubtan will retexturize the skin leaving you with refreshed skin that is noticeably smoother and glowing.

Adzuki, Vettiver and Turmeric | Face and Body Ubtan

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  • Chick pea pdr, Adzuki bean pdr, Turmeric root pdr, Vettiver pdr, Almond pdr, Brown rice pdr, Red lentil pdr,Neem leaf pdr, Lemon peel pdr,  Rose petal pdr, Ashwagandha root pdr, Orange infused almond oil.

Ratings and Reviews


Absolutely love this scrub! So gentle on the skin with instant visible results!!


Nourishing and energizing! I am glad I tried this.


I tried it first because it has two of my fav skin care ingredients, tea tree oil and charcoal and it def did not disappoint. This is my before the party mask for that instant glow !!

Aarrthy Ram

This is it!!! Don’t waste your money in buying any other OTC lip balms. I have extreme dry lips and nothing other than Vaseline has worked for me so far. Then I found this!!! This is extremely moisturizing but doesn’t sit on top of the lips it really moisturizes the lips and acts as an excellent base for Matt /liquid lipsticks.

Aarrthy Ram

This is a great gentle exfoliator. This product has greatly helped with my whiteheads around the chin area. I don’t get the small bumps anymore from waxing. I sometimes leave it as a mask or use it as a scrub when in hurry. I wish it comes in a bigger size.