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How To Build An Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

Ever wondered when was the right time to start your antiaging skincare routine so that you can preserve your youthful glow as long as you can? Or are you confused about what are the right products to include in your skincare regime? And what products to avoid?

Thankfully, building an antiaging skincare routine is not as overwhelming as it is made out to be. With just a few tweaks in your current regimen, you can delay and even reverse the signs of skin aging.

Thankfully, building an antiaging skincare routine is not as overwhelming as it is made out to be. With just a few tweaks in your current regimen, you can delay and even reverse the signs of skin aging.

The Right Time To Start Your Antiaging Skincare Routine

The key to ensuring your anti-aging regimen works is starting in your late 20s itself. Most women wait around until their mid-30s, sometimes even their 40s to kickstart anti-aging.

By this time, the skin may have already started sagging and developed other signs of ageing like sun spots, wrinkles, dryness and fine lines. So it is more prudent to start your antiaging routine early, to avoid as much damage as you can while retaining your skin’s firmness.

5 Important Rules Of Antiaging Skincare

1. Pick Your Cleanser Wisely

Start off your skincare routine with a hydrating cleanser. A good cleanser will the one that removes all dirt and makeup from your face without leaving your skin feeling stretchy.

Try to avoid face washes with sulfates as they tend to strip off moisture from your skin. Instead, make your own DIY cleanser at home with ground oatmeal, gram flour and dried herbs like rose petals, chamomile or hibiscus

2. Focus on Hydration

Your skin produces hyaluronic acid, a humectant that helps bind moisture to the skin to keep it plump. But as you age, the production goes down making your skin dry and dehydrated.

So double up hydration by adding a hydrating face mist to your antiaging skincare routine.

You can use our Immortelle And Holy Basil Toner as it is rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals thereby reducing fine lines. It also contains glycerin, a natural humectant that deeply hydrates your skin to improve plumpness and elasticity.

3.Add an Anti-Aging Serum to Your Routine

When it comes to targeting signs of aging like fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles, an antiaging serum will be your best friend. Because serums are supercharged with active ingredients and antioxidants that can repair and restore your skin to its youthful glory.

Our Age-Defying Glow Serum is an excellent choice as it is curated with a blend of 15 luxurious oils like Cacay nut oil, bakuchiol, Argan and Camellia seed oil. This lightweight serum is loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that will eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and hyperpigmentation too.

4. Exfoliate Regularly

During your teenage years and early 20s, your skin has a healthy cell turnover rate that regularly sheds dead skin from the outer layer of the skin. But as your skin ages, the process slows down, making your skin appear rough and uneven.

So make sure you exfoliate your skin at least twice a week with a gentle exfoliator like our Pomegranate, hibiscus and rose exfoliant. Along with Ayurvedic herbs like Manjistha, Turmeric root and Gotu Kola, one of the key ingredients in this scrub is hibiscus powder. Hibiscus is a natural source of AHAs that help shed dead skin to give you a smoother skin texture.

5.Use Sun Protection

As most of you may already be aware by now, sun exposure can lead to premature ageing of your skin. The UV rays cause free radical damage which end up ageing your skin much earlier than usual.

So try to stay away from direct sunlight as much as you can during 11-4pm. Also use a sunscreen and wear a protective hat and sunglasses to shield your face from harsh sun rays.

Ma Sita’ brings you a collection of gentle, high-performance skincare products inspired by Ayurvedic rituals that are handcrafted, sustainably sourced and free of all toxins.

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