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Our Story

Our Philosophy

At Masita, we draw upon the power of nature and traditions to restore and rejuvenate.

Masita represents an artisanal line of pure, natural, high performing skincare products for glowing healthy skin and a happy self.


Our skincare products use handcrafted blends of pure natural oils and plant actives that work in harmony every day to nourish,  protect, and promote beautiful skin. 


Our formulations have a blend of ancient ayurvedic traditions, honouring ancient wellness principles and scientifically tested to provide high-quality skincare. Our unique, healthy, effective products are easily accessible to you while being, kind for the skin and kind for the earth.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

We practice consciousness of the environment and ensure that our products have minimal impact on the planet. Our formulations are sourced from natural ingredients without any toxic chemicals and fillers. To source ingredients, we collaborate directly with small family-owned farms and a handful of suppliers who work with farms worldwide.


We are meticulous in checking, to guarantee that each ingredient we source is grown and harvested ethically. 

No products are ever tested on animals. Our products are packaged in non-toxic recyclable glassware, biodegradable boxes, and recycled paper and we send digital receipts.

Our Process

We care about your skin. We value transparency. Our products are formulated with love and intention. They are created through the lens of meticulous testing, backed by the wisdom of plant medicine and time tested skincare remedies to heal, synergize, and balance the skin. Each ingredient’s healing properties are methodically extracted and preserved for your skin’s benefit.

Freshness Promise

We take pride that our products are freshly made to order. Each handmade product is guaranteed to retain its high levels of nutrients and potency.

Rooted in Ritualistic Self-care

The secret to great skin lies in commitment and consistency. Every day our skin desires to be replenished with love and care.  

Through our products, experience the joy of indulging in a daily skincare ritual rooted in traditions to elevate your mind and body from everyday stress.


Behind the Brand

My holistic view of skincare goes way back to my childhood growing up in a small city in South India. Early memories are marked with traditional oil baths during the monsoon season, usually accompanied by coconut oil hair massage, turmeric or lime, and honey face masks, and  “besan” body scrubs. These ritualistic oil baths were not taken lightly but followed rules of limiting exposure to sunlight,  and a simple healthy diet. I want to bring a bit of my childhood to you - a simple, habitual way of self-care. 

Masita was conceived to evoke a line of skincare products that bring back the simplicity to skincare. We reach back to the time-tested science of Ayurveda plant-based medicine and explore it in the context of modern lifestyles. Started in 2019, Masita is collective botanical skincare that drives connection with your sense of self and consciousness.

"From what we consume to what we apply on the skin can have an impact on our overall health."---

Masita is an expression of my humble and genuine effort to create skincare with purpose – purpose towards healthy skin and a happy self .It has been a beautiful collaboration with the immense help and support of friends and family. In the past year, you have all helped me spread the word and share my products with the world. Thank you !

Every product I share with you has taken my sleepless nights of research, love, and intention. I want to bring you the best and safest products for you and your family to love and enjoy.

"A BIG thank you to everyone who put your trust and confidence in me and use Masita products today and every day. "-

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